Bake Sanat

The Bake Sanat Company (Private Joint Stock) was established in 1994, with the aim to equip the bakeries with up-to-date equipment and machinery of the world. During many years, it has provided the other various products for different target markets expanding the activities. Presently, the range of products of the company is as per the following:
1. Machinery and tools of bakeries
2. Machinery and tools of confectionary
3. Machinery and tools of chocolate production
4. Equipment of production of Italian ice cream
5. Equipment of coffee shop
6. Equipment of industrial kitchen and restaurant

Turnkey Project

The turn key Contracts has many applications in different industries, in such a way that the Employer shall assign the total process of design to implementation to the qualified contractor for the easiness of his job and ensuring about performing the project perfectly and without the minimum problem. In the food industry and in its industrial form, this contract is very popular and most of investors use this method. In industrial or semi-industrial projects, the way we define this concept, can be summarized in the fact that there shall be no neglected, unthoughtful and uncalculated point or matter from the beginning of the project up to the end. The plan of feasibility study, business plan writing, marketing plan , suggestion of machinery and required tools, two-dimensional and three- dimensional designing of the workshop and the store, continuous supervision of manufacturing and construction of workshop, introducing and training the skillful manpower, etc. are a part of the tasks that should be performed for successful implementation of a project. We plan the engineered and principled process of project implementation for the employer and if he/she intends to outsource any one of its phases, we are delighted to take the responsibility.

Bake Academy

Without any doubt, the role of quality raw materials, modern and up-to-date machinery shall be considered in all fields of food industry and perhaps, for this reason, the investors of the food industries begin to find the efficient machinery and quality raw materials firstly, unaware that the most determinative factor which should be considered are the specialized manpower who are informed about the knowledge of the day and able to manufacture the quality products by utilization of the standard machinery and raw materials.
In performed investigations, the main reason of failure of some investors of the field of food industry including the bakery, confectionary, coffee shop and restaurant are not only the reasons like the lack of using the qualitative raw materials, modern machinery or the lack of ability in advertising correctly, but in many cases, the lack of presence of experienced and skillful manpower who are equipped with the knowledge of the day.
We know many brands that due to the presence of the skillful manpower, they could purchase their required machinery and take step in the direction of growth and development or conversely, many companies which despite the initial heavy investment in the equipment of their factories, they have not reached to the success due to the lack of presence of the skillful manpower.
Bake Sannat Company established its own training center in the unique space, by utilizing the up-to-date facilities and equipment, by understanding this essential necessity arising from approximately 25 years of continuous working experience in food sector and implementation of hundreds consultative and commissioning projects in this market in order to cope with this problem in the market.
In Bake Academy, two standard spaces which have been equipped with the best equipment are provided for you. The 1st floor is the specialized training center of the bread, sweet, chocolate, ice cream and coffee shop and the 2nd floor is related to the specialized cooking courses (Culinary Line). The standard space without any compromise prepared for food training lovers.
Bake academy mission is to provide the highest training quality level in bakery , pastry , chocolate , gelato , hot and cold beverages and culinary lines.

Made In IRAN

  • Commissioning the production unit was placed in the agenda of the bake Sannat Company from 2011. The possibility for using the internal technical and specialized capacities, young, educated and skillful manpower impelled the Company to place in the agenda to manufacture the products with highest quality level.
    Thanks to the efficient quality control and R&D, we could always supply the new and up-to-date products required by the customers to the market with the highest quality. We work on two principal matters in the research and development concurrently. The designing and manufacturing the new equipment and the optimization and improvement of the current products of the Company.
    Our current products represent the achievement of our believe and perpetual adhering regarding the matter of production with the highest possible quality standard, inside the country:
    bakery and confectionary cooking ovens
    steam room for using in bakery and confectionary
    machines for preparation of bakery and confectionary dough
    stainless steel shelves, hood, work table, dough carriage and other products made of metals.
    industrial refrigerators and freezers for using in the bakeries, confectionaries and restaurants.
    blast freezer utilized in the bakeries, confectionaries and restaurants.
    equipment for preparation, cooking and serving the food utilized in the industrial kitchens and restaurants
    refrigerators used in in the bakeries, confectionaries and industrial kitchens
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