• Starting the negotiation for the clarification of needs by the specialized consultant team
  • Visiting the location of project for better understanding of the specifications of the location
  • Study and brainstorm regarding the intended concept
  • Pluralization and finalization of the concept
  • Feasibility study of project fulfillment
  • Providing the suggestion regarding the machinery and small equipment
  • Preparation of business plan and conclusion of contract for machinery and equipment and planning for training the manpower in the Bake Academy
  • Commencing the preparation of imported machinery and manufacturing of Bake Sannat

Designing technical drawings

Providing space decorating drawing
Providing equipment layout drawing
Providing electromechanical drawing
Providing table of energy consuming amount
Providing executive installation and constructional recommendations
Supervising installation and constructional execution

Installation and commissioning machinery

Providing drawing and method of machinery installation

Control of necessary facilities such as water, electricity, etc. for installation and commissioning machine

Installation and commissioning machinery

Full and specialized training of working with machinery to the users and providing repair and maintenance


Training full and specialized training of users

Specialized training of food products in the specialized training center of Bake Sanat (Bake Academy)

After sales services

Guaranteeing of all machinery suggested by the experienced and trained service team after sales
Periodic service of machinery
Organization and maintenance, timely providing of spare parts required by all machinery
Conclusion of contract of repair and maintenance of machinery after the guarantee period in case of necessity of project

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